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Doug at CharliesThe West Coast Fencing Archive was founded in December, 2012 by Mark Headley and Doug Nichols.  Initially formed to preserve and catalog the estate of Charles and Julie Selberg, the Archive has expanded its goal to incorporate the history of the sport of fencing on the West Coast of the United States.  Over time, the Archive intends to be a repository of as many related images and documents as can be found, as well as a facility for creating short documentary films and written accounts to record for posterity stories of fencing and fencers.

Many fencing stories are passed on through oral history and since many of the stories of bouts or personalities are bigger-than-life memories, let’s all confess that a certain amount of exaggeration can come into play in the re-telling of fencing yarns.  My hand is up because guilty.  With this site, the goal is to attempt to get as near to the root story as possible.  Mistakes and omissions shall be my own.  I fully expect the response, “That’s not what happened!”  Furthermore, I welcome it!  How close can we come to a first hand account?  All we can do is keep trying, so that’s what I’ll do here on this website.  I’ll put a stake in the ground with the best information to hand and when I get better information, I’ll move the stake.

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