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My Idea of Treasure

My treasure hunting has been refined to a sharper focus that has proven no less fortunate to me than those who find spectacular Saxon hoards in Middlesex with a $60 metal detector.

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Land of the Lost Trophy

I’ve been perusing the pages of “The California Fencer”, later just “The Fencer”, a West Coast publication that circulated for a few years following WW2 and prior to the start of the national American Fencer magazine.

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What’s the Rumpus?

There’s been a bit of hiatus around here.  Perhaps you’re one who noticed.  I’m sure someone must have.  The overriding catchall reason for the long layoff since our last story is all about how much effort it takes to make a feature documentary.  “What?” I hear you... read more

Flea Market, Budapest Style

While visiting Budapest this past summer to record interviews with a number of people for our forthcoming documentary on fencing great George Piller, we made one very interesting trip to a popular flea market in the southeast of the city, the Ecseri Flea Market.

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Melbourne, 1956

The 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia comes up frequently around here.  It was, after all, the tournament from which many Hungarian athletes made the difficult decision to not return to their country.  The challenging notion of having to make such a fateful... read more