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The people who made us sweat

Land of the Lost Trophy

I’ve been perusing the pages of “The California Fencer”, later just “The Fencer”, a West Coast publication that circulated for a few years following WW2 and prior to the start of the national American Fencer magazine.

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What’s the Rumpus?

There’s been a bit of hiatus around here.  Perhaps you’re one who noticed.  I’m sure someone must have.  The overriding catchall reason for the long layoff since our last story is all about how much effort it takes to make a feature documentary.  “What?” I hear you... read more

An Evening at Halberstadts

Thus, back in time we go to the Halberstadt School of Fencing – which is how the sign read that was painted on the door in gold letters at 3145 Fillmore Street in San Francisco.

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Dining with Hans Halberstadt

After a too-long hiatus from posting to the site, I figured I’d start simple.  But, like everything, there’s a bit more to the story. Over the summer, Friend of The Archive Jamie Douraghy had the excellent idea of calling me to let me know that retired fencing master... read more

Behind the Mask, 1948

I return to the pages of The Fencer today, to reprint (actually, re-type) an article written by Pierre Paret for the February, 1948 issue. A portrait of Hans Halberstadt.

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