Masters & Coaches K - O

The people who made us sweat

My Idea of Treasure

My treasure hunting has been refined to a sharper focus that has proven no less fortunate to me than those who find spectacular Saxon hoards in Middlesex with a $60 metal detector.

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The San Jose Summer Workshops

Sometime prior to the summer of 1977, Michael D’Asaro and Charles Selberg devised a plan to create a summer workshop for fencers. Both were instructors at Universities, San Jose State and UC Santa Cruz, respectively

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TFTA: Becoming a Master

We all give deference to our fencing coaches by calling them Maestro. But did you know that in order for your fencing instructor to call himself a Fencing Master he must be accredited? It’s true. Fencing Masters must take a degree program just like a Doctor in... read more

The John McDougall Collection

I know I’ve written about John McDougall in the past, but can you say too much about John?  I’m thinking that you really can’t.  Let’s run through the highlights.  Started fencing at Stanford in the mid-1950’s.  Trained with Aldo Nadi and George Piller.  Hired Julius... read more