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The people who made us sweat

Nadi v Piller, 1931

It came, with only a minimum of delay, all the way from Italy.  As I wrote in my last outing, I was awaiting the arrival of an Ebay purchase.  This Ebay purchase:

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Flea Market, Budapest Style

While visiting Budapest this past summer to record interviews with a number of people for our forthcoming documentary on fencing great George Piller, we made one very interesting trip to a popular flea market in the southeast of the city, the Ecseri Flea Market.

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Melbourne, 1956

The 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia comes up frequently around here.  It was, after all, the tournament from which many Hungarian athletes made the difficult decision to not return to their country.  The challenging notion of having to make such a fateful...

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A Correction and an Announcement

I got a very nice phone call from Gerard Biagini this week. He is not digitally connected via the world wide web, but his daughter was kind enough to show him last week’s story that I wrote about my visit. Jerry called to thank me for posting the story.

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The San Jose Summer Workshops

Sometime prior to the summer of 1977, Michael D’Asaro and Charles Selberg devised a plan to create a summer workshop for fencers. Both were instructors at Universities, San Jose State and UC Santa Cruz, respectively

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More Selberg Instructional Series!

Rather than making things suspenseful, as in, “How will I ever learn how to fence properly if the West Coast Fencing Archive doesn’t continue to post more of the Selberg Instructional Series?!” sort of suspense, I’ve opted for stringing the next three installments...

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