The Mirror of Sport, 1922

I don’t seem to be able to escape the gravitational pull of Aldo Nadi.  Every time I think, “Ok, I don’t need to buy another bit of Aldo Nadi memorabilia”, I find something irresistible and I can’t help myself.

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Land of the Lost Trophy

I’ve been perusing the pages of “The California Fencer”, later just “The Fencer”, a West Coast publication that circulated for a few years following WW2 and prior to the start of the national American Fencer magazine.

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Unforgettable: Jan Romary

Janice Lee York Romary was the US National Foil Champion ten times in a span of 18 years from the first win to the last. She represented the United States at the Olympic Games a then-record six times.

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Melbourne, 1956

The 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia comes up frequently around here.  It was, after all, the tournament from which many Hungarian athletes made the difficult decision to not return to their country.  The challenging notion of having to make such a fateful...

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TFC MF, June 1984

I confess that it has been hard to sit down and find the wherewithal to come up with a story in the past weeks. Since the death of my first coach, Len Carnighan, it’s been frankly a challenge.

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