Charlie Selberg

Selberg in Fargo

Selberg Teaching

The San Jose Summer Workshops

Sometime prior to the summer of 1977, Michael D’Asaro and Charles Selberg devised a plan to create a summer workshop for fencers. Both were instructors at Universities, San Jose State and UC Santa Cruz, respectively

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More Selberg Instructional Series!

Rather than making things suspenseful, as in, “How will I ever learn how to fence properly if the West Coast Fencing Archive doesn’t continue to post more of the Selberg Instructional Series?!” sort of suspense, I’ve opted for stringing the next three installments...

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The Selberg Instructional Series, Part Two

One of the first stories published here on the West Coast Fencing Archive was about the how-to-fence series of film clips that Charles Selberg put together with his former employer, Bill Snyder of Bill Snyder Films, based in Fargo, ND, Charlie’s home town.  You can...

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1979 All Cals

The 1979 All Cals (as in, All of California) took place at the West Field House at the University of California, Santa Cruz.  It was a collegiate competition for a conference that was in the process of dwindling as funding for fencing programs across the state were...

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The Selberg Instructional Series

It’s funny how things have come together while gathering items for this Archive. When I was just starting to get things together, I went to visit Matthew Porter at his shop, American Fencers Supply.

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The Hans Box

Mark Headley and I hold the distinction of having dismantled the salle d’armes that Charlie Selberg put together in the woods of Southern Oregon.  On the outside, it looked like this: On the inside, like this:   Taking it all down for transport to Berkeley and safety,...

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If you have any other stories or pictures or videos of Charlie Selberg, we hope you’ll share them with us