John McDougall

John McDougall

My Idea of Treasure

My treasure hunting has been refined to a sharper focus that has proven no less fortunate to me than those who find spectacular Saxon hoards in Middlesex with a $60 metal detector.

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The John McDougall Collection

I know I’ve written about John McDougall in the past, but can you say too much about John?  I’m thinking that you really can’t.  Let’s run through the highlights.  Started fencing at Stanford in the mid-1950’s.  Trained with Aldo Nadi and George Piller.  Hired Julius... read more

Tales from the Archives: FDH

The language in the following cautionary tale is NSFW. It is also not suitable for youngsters. But it is an exemplary tale of why you should not draw the ire of your coach or maestro. The effect of such misjudgment can reverberate for a long time to come. Sit back and... read more

Fencing and the Summer of Love

The short version, the one I like best, is that he was qualified to be a member of the 1968 Olympic sabre team, with one condition. The condition, as allegedly put forward by the AFLA’s selection committee, was that he cut his hair.

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