Melbourne, 1956

The 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia comes up frequently around here.  It was, after all, the tournament from which many Hungarian athletes made the difficult decision to not return to their country.  The challenging notion of having to make such a fateful... read more

TFC MF, June 1984

I confess that it has been hard to sit down and find the wherewithal to come up with a story in the past weeks. Since the death of my first coach, Len Carnighan, it’s been frankly a challenge.

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More 1979 Junior World Championships

It’s a holiday weekend around here, so I won’t write much.  I just thought it might be nice to show a couple more bouts from the ’79 Junior Worlds, recorded on video by Len Carnighan.  If you missed the first story, it’s here:... read more

San Jose State University: Unknown Tournament

I’ve got two sets of pictures from the same event, courtesy of the Charles and Julie Selberg collection of fencing memorabilia.  One set is black & white film, the other color slides.  Today, in photo essay form, I present the best of the color slides.  I can... read more